Can we help you ?

Cambridge archery (800x600)Are you prevented from doing what you want to by a medical condition or disability? Do you want more independence in your life?

We will try to help you by adapting your existing equipment or making you a gadget that will make a difference.  The equipment we make is free of charge and made just for one person.  To find out more you can contact us directly, or ask your occupational therapist or other healthcare professional to make a formal referral.

To request help in and around York, please email us –

or phone Sue Marshall 01904 781504

Chairman : John Walker 01904 762513

Alternative contact :  Mike Leadbeater 01904 491371

Alternative contact :  Martin Whillock 01347 821849

When you email us

  • Tell us what the problem is and if you have any ideas about a solution.
  • If you are enquiring for a family member or close friend, please give us your full contact details – Name, Address, Post Code, Phone number & email address.  Also give the age of the person you are enquiring for, and their full contact details.
  • If you are enquiring for yourself, please give us your full contact details and your age.
  • If you are an Occupational Therapist or other health care professional, who needs help with a client, please give us your Title, Employer and full contact details of yourself and your client.

Notes :

# Remap does not make gadgets which are available commercially.

#  We are fully aware of the need to maintain confidentiality – we will not share details with anyone.

#  If OTs and others wish to encrypt their referrals, please do so.

#  When OTs and others make referrals we normally arrange to meet clients with their OT for the first assessment meeting, for their input to possible solutions.

#  Please will OTs and others let us know if there are any things about the client we should be aware of – communication issues etc.

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